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npower Health Through Warmth scheme

Health thru Warmth iconHealth

Through Warmth

The Health Through Warmth (HTW) scheme aims to improve levels of warmth, comfort and quality of life for vulnerable people who have long-term illnesses and who need help with the installation of heating and insulation measures or repairs to existing systems or appliances which they can’t afford themselves. The scheme is available to homeowners, across England and Wales, who meet the sheme's eligibility criteria.

The Health Through Warmth team work closely with many external organisations such as home improvement agencies, charities, local authorities and the NHS to identify people in need and offer them practical help. Assistance covers a range of activities from seeking contractor quotes to accessing various sources of funding, including the npower Health Through Warmth Crisis Fund, so that repairs or installations can be carried out.

Health Through Warmth clients can be of any age and they don’t have to be or become npower customers.

Eligibility criteria

  • a long-term illness
  • homeowner (and have lived in property minimum 1 year)
  • a low household income and little or no savings (assessed by HTW), and
  • unable to fully fund measures themselves.

Measures that may be offered

  • loft and cavity wall insulation
  • gas fires*
  • boilers*
  • central heating installation/repair
  • hot water tank
  • hot water tank jackets.

*Replacement or repair 

Routine servicing is not funded and no retrospective payments are made.  Contractors are selected from approved lists; clients may not obtain their own quotes.


The Health Through Warmth team will access funding from different sources, depending on individual circumstances, which can include charities, grants and the npower Health Through Warmth Crisis Fund.  Clients are also asked to make a contribution if they are able to.

Contact details
Telephone the npower Health Through Warmth team on 0800 022 220 (select energy efficiency option) or click on the npower website for more information, or email: