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Debts? Get financial help from energy funds

  • Are you are suffering genuine financial hardship and struggling to pay your gas or electricity bills?

  • Have you run up debts to your energy supplier?

Then it is worth considering applying for help from various charitable trusts and funds set up by some of the big energy companies. These are administered on the companies' behalf by Charis Grants Ltd. You only need to make a single application, and Charis will consider your eligibility for funding from any of the trusts and funds under its so-called 'Shared Programme of Giving'. Applications can take up to 8 weeks to process, while Charis assesses your claim and obtains your payment history from the energy supplier concerned.

The aims and scope of each fund or trust are summarized below.

British/Scottish Gas Energy Trust

  • Helps with gas and electric debts.
  • You don't have to be a British Gas customer.
  • Can also help with boiler repairs/replacements and purchase of other essential household items, e.g. fridge or washing machine.

EDF Energy Trustpenny on bill

  • Help with gas and electric debts
  • Not restricted to EDF customers
  • May also help with purchase of essential household white goods

npower Energy fund

  • Clear domestic energy debts via a 3-month provisional award
  • Restricted to npower customers

E.ON Energy Fund

  • Grants to clear gas or electricity debts
  • Not restricted to customers of E.ON
  • Help with boiler repairs or maintenance and purchase of household white goods.
  • Eligibility criteria apply (see details)

For more information about these trusts and funds and for an application form see the Charis website. Alternatively phone Charis Grants Ltd on 01733 421060, or write to: Charis Grants Ltd, Midgate House, Midgate, Peterborough, PE1 1TN.