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Stafford Manor High School trims energy use

corridor girlsIn the (low-energy) limelight: Stafford Manor High School pupils Megan, Erin and Ellie shine in the energy-efficient lighting!

Like any organization, schools are increasingly looking at how to cut their energy bills. Stafford Manor High School (formerly Stafford Sports College) at Rising Brook is no exception, and in recent years this high school and specialist sports centre has installed a range of measures designed to make the school more energy efficient. Some of these have been funded by Stafford Borough Council, either as part of their Penkside Project, which ran from 2010 until 2013, or via the Eco Schools programme.

The school prides itself on being a relatively small but friendly place for learning in all its many aspects, with around 350 pupils aged from 11 to 18 years. Besides the usual range of classrooms, school halls, and outdoor areas, the amenities include a sports hall containing five badminton courts, an indoor tennis centre, dance studio and performing arts studio. Many of these facilities are frequently used by people from outside the school as well as the students.

Rising local tennis star Megan Davies practises in the Tennis Centre.Megan

In 2010/11 the Borough Council arranged for an energy audit of the school to be conducted by the County Council's Climate Change Officer. This identified a series of measures, including replacement of light fittings in the gym with more efficient units. Energy efficient lighting can now be found in many areas of the school, including the new tennis centre. Borough Council funding also helped to provide a perspex cover for the school's main cycle shelter.

"Delighted by the installation"

A successful bid for an Eco School grant in 2014 enabled the fitting of movement sensor light switches in six toilet areas and two cloakrooms. Where previously the lights could be on continuously for up to 12 hours a day, they are now on for only an estimated 10% of the time. Science and technology technician Gordon Taylor commented that " New light switches are not the kind of thing that get students excited, but several who commented on the waste of energy in the past are delighted by the installation."

School technician Gordon Taylor is pleased with the new movement sensor light switches in the cloakroom areas.