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Brocton FC scores with solar PV!

Solar PV on changing roomsSolar panels sited on the roofs of changing rooms at Brocton Football Club in Stafford. Although overlooking the club's two pitches, the all-black panels blend in well.

One of Stafford's most successful football clubs has boosted its income and cut its carbon footprint by installing solar panels. Brocton FC, off Silkmore Lane, now has an array of 14 panels sited on the roofs of the club's changing rooms. The panels were installed in May 2013 through the Stafford Area Community Solar discount scheme, run by Sustainability Matters in conjunction with MEB Total and Stafford Borough Council.

Income + cost savings

The photovoltaic (PV) panels are expected to earn the club around £500 per year from the government's Feed-in Tariff (FIT) scheme, as well as providing free electricity for things like irrigation pumps and water heating for showers throughout the year, thus saving the club money.

The panels are on an angled steel frame supported by the flat roof of the cabins, and with their southerly aspect are ideally placed to gain the full generating potential of the sun - giving the club up to 3.5 kilowatts of renewable electricity. The installation cost around £8000, paid for by a grant from the sadly now defunctBrian Townsend Staffordshire Environment Fund.

Brocton FC Chairman, Brian Townsend, is keen to share his
experiences of securing grants for club improvements.

A 'more sustainable' operation

Club chairman Brian Townsend said that the main aim was to reduce running costs for the club and to help make their operation more sustainable. To this end they are careful to maintain the attractive setting of the club's grounds, for Pitch being wateredexample by using reinforcement mesh for parking areas instead of tarmac. He is willing to help other clubs with advice on improving facilities anad accessing grants. Anyone interested can contact him on 01543 505343.

The club's tranquil setting is a valuable part of the town's 'green network' and a great amenity for the whole neighbourhood.