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Save money with a quicker cuppa


Instead of completely filling the kettle, if you only boil enough water for a single mug, not only will it boil faster, it'll save you electricity too.

For example, it takes 1 minute 20 seconds to boil the minimum amount of water in kettle. It takes three and a half minutes to boil a full kettle full. So by boiling less, you're getting that vital cup of tea 2 minutes sooner!

Boiling the kettle for 3 minutes costs about 2p. So over a year you're looking at saving maybe £25-30. Which might just pay for the tea bags!

You'll also be saving the environment from 85kg of CO2 emissions. That's more than the weight of the average man!

Or you can fill the kettle in the morning, and put the hot water in a thermos jug for making hot drinks throughout the day - a tip from an older person who has difficulties with taps.