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Where do I start?

Do the simple things first. There are lots of things you can do without spending any money – look at the tips on the home page for ideas. A small investment, for example energy saving bulbs, will save you money on your fuel bills – particularly important as prices are going up. Even paying a few hundred pounds for insulation will pay for itself within a couple of years, and save money every year after that. There is no need to spend thousands of pounds to make a difference.

If you need a new heating system or have the money to invest in renewable energy, make sure that you have carried out the basic insulation measures first – there is no point having highly efficient or low-carbon technology if most of the heat is leaking through the walls and roof of your house!

To find out the most cost effective measures for your house, there is an easy to complete online form from the Energy Saving Trust which will give you a personalised report showing you how much energy and money you can save in your home.