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Boiler scrappage scheme

After car scrappage comes... boiler scrappage! The government has unveiled plans to give up to 125,000 English households a £400 voucher toward the cost of replacing their old heating boiler. As with the car scheme, some manufacturers are matching this incentive with their own cash, so customers could get a tidy discount off a brand new gas, oil, or LPG boiler.

Boiler scrappage is another step towards improving the energy efficiency of our homes. It is estimated that replacing 125,000 old inefficient boilers with new high-efficiency models will save around 140,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year - equivalent to the emissions from 45,000 cars.

Can my old boiler go for scrappage?

To qualify for the scheme, your old boiler must be G-rated or worse, and you must be upgrading to an A-rated boiler or to some form of renewable heat. This can cut your heating bill by over £200 per year, as well as reducing your carbon footprint!scrapped boilers

Also, you must be a householder in England, living in a privately owned dwelling, or a tenant of a private landlord. Tenants of social landlords and housing associations are not eligible.

Is my boiler G-rated or worse?

Obviously, the older your boiler, the more likely it is to qualify. However, to be sure, you can check on the Government Boiler Efficiency Database, to make sure it is in the 'hit list'. If the model is listed, you can go ahead and apply. Click here to find out!

What do I do next?

1. Get some quotes for a new installation, and find an installer and price you're happy with.

2. Gather your personal details and information about the make and model of the new boiler, and the old boiler.

3. Email the Energy Saving Trust with all the relevant information, or phone them on 0800 512 012.

Vouchers to the value of £400 will be issued from mid-January onwards. When the installation is completed, and you have paid the invoice, you send in the voucher and invoice, and the £400 rebate will be paid within 25 working days.

Note that the installation must be carried out by a fully qualified and registered fitter.