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Cashback to kickstart Green Deal

For more information about the Green Deal phone the Energy Saving Advice Service on 0300 123 1234

A range of cashback incentives are available for householders who undertake energy improvement measures under the Green Deal scheme. In February 2014 increased levels of payment for certain measures were announced; these now range from £10 for lagging a hot-water cylinder to £4000 for solid wall insulation (up from £650). Also, the amount payable for installing double or triple glazing has risen from a maximum of £320 to £650.

Note that in May 2014 the government announced details of the successor to Cashback, called the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund (GDHIF), which offers more generous payments for certain measures. The Cashback scheme closes on 30 June 2014.

loft insulationDeadline: 30 June 2014Cashback banner

The Cashback is open to any householder making Green Deal improvements, including owner-occupiers and tenants in the private and social rented sectors. Landlords are also eligible to apply, provided they pay the installation costs. However, amounts of Cashback payments will not exceed two-thirds of the householder's contribution.

The deadline for applications is now 30 June 2014, and all measures must be installed by 30 September 2014. Note that the work must be carried out by an authorized Green Deal Provider who is registered with the Cashback scheme.

How will it work?

You need to take certain steps to be sure of getting the Cashback payments.

  1. Have a Green Deal Assessment done on your property, using a qualified Green Deal Assessor.
  2. Accept a quotation for the recommended measures from an authorised Green Deal Provider, who will draw up a Green Deal Plan for your property.
  3. Apply for your Cashback voucher. You can do this yourself from January 2013 online at DECC's Green Deal Cashback website, or over the phone, or get your Provider to do it for you.
  4. Get the works completed within the period for which the voucher is valid - 3 months (or 6 months if package includes solid wall insulation), and by 30 September 2014 at the latest.
  5. Redeem your voucher by 30 September 2014 to receive payment (you can donate this to a specified charity if you wish).

Eligible measures and payments

Some examples of eligible measures and the level of cahsback are given below. The full list is available on the Green Deal Cashback website.

  • Draught-proofing -- £50
  • Cavity wall insulation -- £250
  • Flat roof insulation -- £550
  • Heating controls -- £100
  • Double/triple glazing -- £20/m2 (max. £650)

Note that you only qualify for the Cashback if loft and cavity wall insulation are included in the measures when these are recommended in the Green Deal Plan (unless already installed to appropriate levels).