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News archive

Here you can see items from the archive by clicking on the relevant links:

August 2018: Last chance to grab some free insulation

August 2017: Clean Growth Plan: blueprint for low-carbon future?

August 2016: Ofgem 'remedies' for energy market

June 2016: VW vehicle emissions: insight into the scandal

December 2015: FITs cuts less than feared

July 2015: Green Deal scheme

July 2015: Green Deal Home Improvement Fund ends

April 2015: 'Unintended consequences' of insulation programme

November 2014: The future for renewables: David Elliott in Stafford!

November 2014: Chase Community Solar share success!

November 2014: GDHIF 2: New boost for Green Deal in pipeline

July 2014: Sudden closure of Green Deal Home Improvement Fund

June 2014: Green Deal Home Improvement Fund

May 2014: Council urged to 'Rethink the future' using latest 'Zero Carbon Britain' report

April 2014: Renewable Heat Incentive for homes

Feb 2014: Cashback scheme to kickstart Green Deal

Jan 2014: Launch of Warmer Homes Stafford

December 2013: '£50 average savings' off fuel bills - but at what price?

November 2013: 'Shameful' rise in excess winter deaths

October 2013: Community Centre cuts energy bills by half

September 2013: IPCC report says 'human influence on climate is clear'

July 2013: Slow start for Green Deal

June 2013: Go Green shows ways to smarter living

May 2013: Go Green Roadshow for Stafford town centre

March 2013: A 'zero-carbon' vision for Britain

January 2013: Warm Front closes as ECO takes over

November 2012: Gov't proposes 'bonfire' of the energy tariffs

September 2012: Old bulbs banned from 1 September

August 2012: Collective switching for better energy deals?

June 2012: 'Standby' can lose households over £80 per year says report

June 2012: Silkmore solar launch in pics!

June 2012: Solar tariffs to fall from 1 August

April 2012: Energy suppliers to advise on 'best deals'

March 2012: Gov't loses last-ditch appeal on FITs

February 2012: FITs face slimdown in summer

January 2012: Legal tussle leaves FITs in a tangle

January 2012: Council offers heating help for elderly

November 2011: Launch of Warmer Holmcroft

October 2011: Solar tariffs slashed by half

June 2011: 'Green Deal' promises massive energy efficiency drive

May 2011: New incentive scheme for renewable heating

March 2011: Feed-in tariff cuts threaten large-scale solar PV

February 2011: Village celebrates 'solar-powered' hall

February 2011: Recession cuts carbon emissions

January 2011: Warm Front frozen

November 2010: npower to repay 1.8 million gas customers

November 2010: RHI gets green light

October 2010: Woodfuel to heat coouncil's new offices

October 2010: Woodfuel company launched

August 2010: Borough Council's 'Way Ahead' on low-carbon front

June 2010: Coalition commits to action on climate change

May 2010: Energy issues revealed by Penkside report

May 2010: Feed-in tariffs at a glance

April 2010: DECC's Home energy management strategy features 'pay as you save'

April 2010: Poorest pensioners to get £80 electricity rebate

March 2010: Boiler scrappage scheme closes

February 2010: Miliband announces 'world's first' renewable heat incentive

January 2010: Boiler scrappage scheme: do you qualify?

September 2009: Stafford Borough Council acts on energy

July 2009: Gov't unveils climate change strategy

July 2009Feed-in tariffs coming by 2010

June 2009: Goodbye old bulbs!

May 2009: : Derrington Way Ahead

March 2009: Oakley Hall Hydropower Workshop

March 2009: Local housing association uses 'ground-breaking' technology