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Silkmore School 'launches' solar panels: picture special

Energy from the Sun - just about! Year 3/4 pupils check out the solar power kits despite the cloudy day!

Special workshops on renewable energy and a themed assembly marked the official launch of the new solar panels at Silkmore Community School on Friday 15 June 2012. Pupils from Reception, and Years 1/2 and 3/4 got to grips with the basics of obtaining energy from the sun, wind and waves in three different activities run by staff from Staffordshire Wildlife Trust. Results of the workshops were reported by Headteacher Julie Mowbray in the end-of week School Assembly, in front of parents and invited guests.

Budding engineers Kian, Carys and Shania (below) demonstrate the solar 'milk-bottle boat'Solar boat


The 24 panels were installed in December 2011 thanks to funding from Alstom and Stafford Borough Council, arranged as part of the Penkside Project. Julie Mowbray was thrilled with the extra income the panels have earned for the school in the 6 months since they were fitted. "It's equivalent to three coaches" she said, meaning it would help pay for coach travel for pupils going on school trips or enjoying other treats. The panels are estimated to earn around £2500 per year from the feed-in tariff, as well as save on electricity bills for the school.

Windmills #1Feel the force: Reception pupils Levi and Joe (left), Lauren (centre) and Chardonnay, Katie Mae, Faith and Courtney (below left) with their windmills.




Going with the flow.
Learning about the principles of hydro power in the classroom.
Shauna (left) and Leon and Kai (right) show how the power of water can be
harnessed with the aid of a simple water wheel.

Waterwheel demoLeon and Kai

Headteacher Julie Mowbray sums up the benefits of renewable energy in the School Assembly (below left),
and points to the extra income generated by the solar panels (below right) installed as part of the Penkside Project.

AssemblySolar panels