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Go Green! shows ways to smarter living

Zero motorcycleJason of Streetbike (left) demonstrates the California-built Zero S electric motorbike, which attracted lots of interest at the Go Green event. With a top speed of 95 mph and a maximum range of 137 miles (city driving), it has been named European e-Motorbike of the Year for 2013. No petrol! No roadtax!

Electric motorbikes, solar-powered boats and a 'smoothie bike' were among the many attractions of the Go Green! roadshow, which drew the attention of shoppers in Stafford's town centre on Saturday 15 June. In spite of blustery conditions, local townsfolk were keen to learn more about sustainable travel and lifestyles from a diverse mix of displays and activities involving over a dozen organizations.

This inaugural event, organized by Sustainability Matters in conjunction with Stafford Borough Council, provided a platform for new ideas, alternatives and initiatives aiming to benefit the local environment, improve health, and reduce our impact on the planet. Bike generator

How much pedal power can you generate? Keele University's Sustainability Hub brought their specially adapted bike that shows just how much work is required to power even a few lightbulbs. Perhaps we take our energy too much for granted!

Bike bus

The Bike Bus team is part of Staffordshire County Council's INTO (Inspiring New Travel Options) project to promote cycling in parts of Stafford. They can arrange bike safety checks and cycling courses, organize led bike rides, and have a portable mountain bike track.

Smoothie bikeSolar boats


Far right: The 'smoothie' bike rewards some hard
pedalling with a tasty fruit drink
- yet another reason to get on your bike!
Right: The latest in solar boat technology? Well...maybe not, but this budding young designer could well be taking solar technology to new levels in future. The activity, staged by Rugeley Power Station, shows the potential of renewable energy from the sun.



Nissan LEAFThe latest version of Nissan's LEAF electric car, provided by local dealer WR Davies. It has a range of up to 124 miles and can be fully recharged in 8 hours using a standard 16 amp charger (or 4 hours with a 32 amp charger).


John Giblin of MEB Total shows an example of the solar panels that have been installed in homesJohn with solar PV panel, businesses and community buildings throughout Stafford Borough under a discount solar energy scheme run by Sustainability Matters.



Go Green participating organizations: useful links

Streetbike (Halesowen): dealers in Zero electric motorcycles

Zero motorcycles UK: national website for Zero bikes

WR Davies Toyota Stafford: dealers in hybrid vehicles

WR Davies Nissan Stafford: dealers in the LEAF electric car

Keele University Sustainability Hub

Staffordshire County Council INTO project

Back2Bikes suppliers of new and reconditioned bikes and electric cycles

Stafford Borough Council Walking for Health, plus sustainable development and climate change work

Bakers Coaches

Staffordshire Wildlife Trust

Rugeley Power Station get SET educational project for young people

MEB Total Ltd