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Stafford Area Community Solar: discount solar panel scheme

Fiona's solar PV


'It's a big step to take having the panels fitted, and I feel completely reassured about the investment for now and the future - the MEB Total team were all great!'






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Do you live or own a business in Stafford Borough?

Phone MEB Total Ltd on 0845 2263 233 for your
free, no-obligation survey (mention 'SACS')

Sustainability Matters, with support from Stafford Borough Council, has created Stafford Area Community Solar (SACS), a scheme to help residents install solar photovoltaic (PV) panels at a discounted price. This means that you can:

  • reduce your carbon footprintCamilla
  • save money on your energy bills
  • get a guaranteed tax-free return on your capital of up to 6.5% or more.

Generate your own electricity and receive the feed-in tariff payments

The scheme is aimed at households, businesses, community groups and schools in the area.
After careful investigation we have identified a local installation company, MEB Total Ltd, which has agreed to offer solar photovoltaic (PV) systems at a highly advantageous rate. However, customers are urged to obtain quotes from other local companies before proceeding; see 'Where to find help'.

MEB Total Ltd MEB Total logo
Our installer for this scheme is MEB Total Ltd, chosen after a rigorous selection process. Based in Fenton, Stoke on Trent, MEB Total is a construction company offering mechanical, electrical and building services. Hence it can provide advice and expertise not only on the solar panels themselves, but on any other aspect of the building's structure or electrical systems that may need attention to ensure a safe and reliable installation.

For more information see the company's website.

Let us find the right package for you

The SACS scheme has completed over 30 PV installations so far, including a school, a church and even a football club. Together these will generate around 90,000 kilowatt hours of electricity annually, yielding around £35,000 in revenues and savings on bills, and cutting over 50 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions. Isn't it time you thought about installing solar PV for your home or business?

Discounted price + Free no-obligation survey + Home Energy Survey and EPC + Fully guaranteed installation + Bluetooth monitor

Some quotes from customers of the SACS scheme so far:

"I would strongly recommend MEB to fit solar panels to our friends and relatives"

"Very pleased with the outcome and the attitude/standard of work provided by MEB"

"From the initial phone call... and referral to MEB Total Ltd, we have experienced the highest possible standards at all stages of the process"

How to take part in the SACS scheme:

This offer is open to residents, businesses, or community organizations of Stafford Borough.

"Better than money in the bank," said Mrs Stanton of Derrington, one of the first to benefit from the SACS scheme.Mrs Stanton

Am I in Stafford Borough?
See a map of the Borough on the Council's website:

Is my building suitable?
For maximum electricity generation an ideal location consists of an unobstructed roof that faces roughly south. However, other sites can also be usefully considered. Planning permission is not required for domestic solar panel installations unless the building is located in a Conservation Area or is a Listed Building.

What's the deal?

The SACS scheme has arranged prices that represent an approximate 10% discount on MEB Total's standard prices. The size of installation and type and colour of panels can be tailored to the individual requirements of the property. Contact MEB Total direct on 0845 2263 233 to arrange a free site survey, or Rob Hine of Sustainability Matters on 01785 603387 for further information.

Revenue and savings

All electricity generated by eligible installations will earn the householder payments under the Feed-in Tariff scheme. For full details of the scheme and current levels of payments see Feed-in tariffs: the essentials. Further, using your own 'home-grown' electricity in the house as it is being generated means you import less from the grid, which saves money on your electricity bills. How much you save depends on how well appliance use is matched to electricity yield in real time. So, use the washer when the sun shines!

Energy Performance Certificate
The deal also includes, when required, a free Home Energy Survey by a qualified Domestic Energy Assessor, to ensure the property meets the energy efficiency rating of level D or higher, a qualification introduced from 1 April 2012. MEB Total will issue the necessary Energy Performance Certificate, or advise on measures needed to meet the required standard. See Solar PV FAQs.

What do I do next?
For further information, or to request a free, no-obligation survey either:
Contact Rob Hine of Sustainability Matters via or Tel. (01785) 603387 or

Stafford Area Community Solar

Solar PV discount scheme for Stafford Borough

Tax-free, index-linked investment in clean, green energy!

Phone 0845 2263 233 for a free no-obligation survey!

contact the Solar Team at MEB Total Ltd on 0845 2263233, quoting the promotional code 'SACS'.

Once your property has been surveyed, MEB Total will send you a bespoke quotation. The quote you receive will be prepared specifically for your house, hence it may vary slightly from the guide prices shown in the table.

If you are happy with the offer, you accept it formally, and you will then be contacted to arrange an installation date. A deposit of 10–20% is normally required, with full payment on completion.

Sustainability Matters will charge a small fee to take account of the costs incurred in developing and publicising this initiative and help towards ongoing administration costs. This also contributes towards other sustainable development projects we are running.

The small print - made bigger!

Sustainability Matters and Stafford Borough Council or any individual or individuals working to promote this scheme cannot accept any liability whatsoever in respect of any loss or damage suffered by a purchaser or any other person in respect of any goods supplied or installed through this project, including any loss or damage suffered as a result of the quality or lack of fitness for purpose of any good supplied or materials installed, or any failure by the supplier to deliver or install the goods or to install them to the purchaser’s satisfaction. Sustainability Matters and Stafford Borough Council and members/employees of these organisations have provided all information in good faith and you are solely responsible for your own project, any survey or preparatory works and no reliance can be placed on this document, or any other communication from Sustainability Matters or Stafford Borough Council.

The performance of Solar PV systems is impossible to predict with certainty due to the variability in the amount of solar radiation (sunlight) from location to location and from year to year. Estimates given are based the Government’s official calculation methodology ‘Standard Assessment Procedure’ or ‘SAP’. This takes account of roof orientation, slope and shade but it doesn’t take account of latitude – thus Stafford is considered to be on a par with Stirling in sunshine terms, which clearly is not the case, and many systems in the Midlands and South are performing above their SAP based forecasts. However, British weather is full of surprises and estimates should not be considered as a guarantee of performance. Make sure you have checked the credentials of anyone visiting your home and take appropriate security precautions.