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Helping to save energy for Stafford area ... and for our planet!

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Welcome to the Save Your Energy website, which is packed with practical advice and information about how to save energy in your home or business, and how to generate your own heat or electricity using renewable energy sources.

Cut carbon emissions: Saving energy will cut your bills and reduce your carbon emissions. This is vital if we are to reduce the impact of climate change, now and in the future.

Leaders of Guide groups based at the Littleworth Guide Hut enjoy the new more efficient heaters installed thanks to a grant from Stafford Borough Council as part of the 'We Love Littleworth' project.
Left to right: Paula Adams, Julie Tanner and Cath Keitley. See the full report here.

Over 100,000 visitors per year: Although intended mainly for people living in and around Stafford, Staffordshire, much of the information is useful wherever you are, and we welcome visitors from far and wide.

Local case studies and services: This site also tells you about households and businesses who have made energy-saving changes, and provides links to local Festival leafletcompanies providing relevant products and services.

Non-profit: The website is maintained by Sustainability Matters, a not-for-profit community group, and is supported by Stafford Borough Council. Let us know if you have any ideas or suggestions to improve the site, or would like to feature your energy-saving project on the site - just click .

Your community: Thinking about solar panels for your community hall or social club, or want to make your neighbourhood more eco-friendly? See our Community Energy section for advice and tips. Contact us to add your event or activity to the 'What's on' list.

Littleworth event: Click on the image to download the leaflet!


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Save money with a quicker cuppa


Instead of completely filling the kettle, if you only boil enough water for a single mug, not only will it boil faster, it'll save you electricity too.


Give your home a health check!

Free help and advice from Stafford Borough Council

Healthy houseKeep warm, manage fuel bills

Reduce the risk of fires and accidents

Prevent falls in the home

Adapt your home for a disabled person

Essential repairs and maintenance

Free, no obligation home visit from a Health and Housing advisor

Download 'Give your home a health check'

or phone (01785) 619000


Warmer Homes Stafford

Talk to us today about finding help

WHS logo

For more info click here

or check out the Warmer Homes Stafford website

Oliver Rothwell

Oliver Rothwell of Warmer Homes Stafford
gives advice to a local resident

Green Deal

The scheme has closed. For more information visit

For free impartial advice phone the Energy Saving Advice Service on 0300 123 1234


Suffering financial hardship?
You can apply for financial help from energy suppliers


Focus on Feed-in Tariffs

Click here for our handy guide to help you decide


Health Through WarmthHTW logo

Do you know someone whose health is affected by cold living conditions?

Do they require assistance with the installation of heating and insulation that they cannot fully fund themselves?

Click here for more information about npower's Health Through Warmth, and how it may be able to help

Go Energy Shopping ... now!

Find your best deal for gas and electricity via the Ofgem website

Do you live in a rented property in Stafford Borough? Are you concerned about the state of the property or its management? You can phone the Housing Standards team at Stafford Borough Council on 01785 619000, for advice.

NOTE: Some deals for energy efficiency measures may apply to homeowners only. Tenants should consult with their landlords before taking any action.

Save Energy, Save Money, Save the Earth